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Cacao Nibs

March 21, 2013
pépites de cacao

My latest culinary discovery are the cocoa nibs which can be incorporate in several desserts, energy bars or granola. Unlike chocolate chips, cocoa nibs have a low glycemic index, are a high source of fiber and contain many essential minerals and antioxidants. Choose raw and pure nibs to benefit from all the nutrients. Very crisp, they add texture to dishes and as they do not contain sugar, they can also be used for savory dishes, salads, meats. Although costs are quite expensive (about 8 to $12 for 8oz), very little is sufficient to enhance the dish.

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  • Reply Nathalie Monday November 3rd, 2014 at 11:21 AM

    Jamais vu par chez moi. Bien dommage car je mange du granola le matin et ça serait bien bon dedans

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