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March 20, 2016

Riviera products: stylish and good!

At the moment I write this, I have started my first bowl of raspberry white cheese by the brand Riviera. Now available in most grocery stores, this product is worth it! Do not be afraid of this new item, the texture and taste are like yogurt, but creamier. It’s a good snack with 110 calories for 1/2 cup, 2.8% fat and an intake of 5 grams of protein.

I also tried their irresistible Petit Pot of organic yogurt with original flavors such as apricot, walnuts, figs and rhubarb. It is not just the packaging that is beautiful, they are creamy and delicious. Sweeter than white cheese, a Petit Pot is a great treat to get. The small glass jars can be recycled or reused as you like (to make a vinaigrette, sauce, flower pot). It is even possible to order plastic covers on their website. The Petit Pot is sold for about $4.99 for four yogurts of 120 g.

Of European inspiration, these products stand out in the grocery store with their lovely presentation. Next time, I am looking to try their vanilla or strawberry goat milk yogurt. You will also find in grocery their cultures butters, sour cream and cream, inspired by European methods. Riviera products are prepared by Laiterie Chalifoux, a Quebec family business founded in 1920 in Sorel Tracy.

Thank you Riviera to innovate with this stylish range of products!

Have you tried them?

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