September 16, 2012

I bronze marcelleI never went to the tanning salon and I almost always protect my face with sunscreen and a hat when I go in the sun to prevent wrinkles. I am naturally pale, but as most women, I dream of a golden and uniform suntan…

A friend introduced me to self-tanning wipes I-Bronze Marcelle. They are biodegradable and hypo-allergenic.

For the positive side, the wipe is white and easily extend over the entire body, leaving a silky finish that dries quickly. The smell is subtle and pleasant. In addition, no fears of having tasks or orange tan afterwards. However, the effect is very slight after the first application. You must reapply the following days to increase the effect.

Cons: The price, a pack of 15 wipes is $ 18.25 plus taxes. Sold in most drugstores.

Tips: Exfoliate your body before applying a self-tanner will allow it to adhere better and not make spots.


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