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February 18, 2015
super aliments

Here is my list of healthy ingredients, “super foods” to include in your recipes. For example, one or two tablespoons of hemp seeds or chia in a cookie or muffin easily increase its nutritional quality. No need to take dietary supplements if you have a balanced diet (especially a recent study shows that the majority does not contain the products indicated on the label). The term “super food” means the food continent a lot of essential nutrients for health. I know there are many, but here are the key with which I cook:

Chia seed: rich in dietary fiber, protein and omega-3 source of calcium and phosphorus, gluten free.
Hemp Seed: highly nutritious and are an excellent source of complete protein, contain phytosterols which reduce cholesterol levels, without gluten.
Flaxseed: rich in dietary fiber, high content of omega-3 fatty acid. To obtain the benefits of omega-3, it is imperative to grind flax seeds, for example with a coffee grinder. It is best to store them in an opaque container, in the refrigerator for a few days, or a month in the freezer.
Sesame seeds: rich in minerals, calcium, vitamin E, phytosterols, high in fiber.
Powder lucuma: replace the sugar or partly, low glycemic index, contains calcium.
Oat bran (3 tbsp): rich in soluble fiber lowers cholesterol, increases satiety, low glycemic index.
Kefir: probiotic, rich in vitamin B, folic acid, and protein.
Goji berries: rich in antioxidants.
Raw honey: not filtered or heated raw honey retains traces of pollen, propolis, beeswax, properties and original flavors.
Almond butter: replace the peanut butter, a good source of protein.
Turmeric: powerful antioxidant, anti-inflammatory effect. Adding pepper enhances its therapeutic potential.

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