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November 9, 2015

I invite you to visit my new holistic nutrition consultation site:

You can download my free Level 1 guide that includes: tips to achieve a healthy weight, food to banish, the preferred food every day,  myths, restaurants recommandations and more!

What is holistic nutrition or nutrition therapy?

Analysis of the effects of our diet on our physical and mental health, stress management and physical activity. Nutrition is encouraged based on whole, natural foods that are fresh, rich in flavor and nutrients. Ideally organic without OMG (Monsanto) and free of growth hormones or antibiotics.

Nutritherapy can help for:

-Chronic disease prevention
-Improvement eating habits
-Weight loss
-Digestive intolerances
-Strengthen the immune system

Get my free Level 1 guide on this page:

Thank you and see you soon!

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