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Organic Meat

May 23, 2013

In Quebec, organic meat is more popular and accessible. With an organic certification system established in 2000 by the Quebec government, the consumer is assured that the controls and the rules of production and marketing of organic food products have been respected throughout the production line. Several species are now available: beef, lamb, turkey, duck, goose, guinea fowl, goat, bison, rabbit, wild boar, ostrich and deer.

Organic farming is done in respect of the animal, does not use synthetic chemicals or GMOs. The benefits of eating organic meat are numerous: a leaner meat, which contains higher levels of protein, and doesn’t contain  antibiotics, growth hormones or other drugs. The animal that is fed forage and grass also contains more omega 3 and often taste better than the “industrial”  and grain fed meat. By eating organic meat, we also encourage smaller local businesses, unlike for example the National Society XL foods.


What can people don’t know  is that since the organic beef is lower in fat, it cooks faster (I read up to 30%). Use a meat thermometer and let the meat rest 8-10 minutes is the best way to have a perfect cooking.

Some interesting farms to discover in Quebec:

Ferme du coq à l’âne

931 chemin de Hardwood Flat

Bury, (Québec)

J0B 1J0


Ferme Picardier

27, route 323,

Brébeuf, Québec

J0T 1B0

Tél. 819 425-8922


Les viandes Rheintal

845, rang Petit-Esprit

Sainte-Monique, QC J0G 1N0


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