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Simply Natural Organic Sriracha Sauce

July 13, 2016

A new duo of Sriracha sauces is available at Costco for $8.99! The sauces have a very fresh, natural taste, and are very versatile. It’s obvious that I prefer a homemade sauce, but sometimes we lack time to cook or we don’t have all the ingredients on hand to cook this type of sauce. Made by the brand Simply Natural, these sauces are organic and do not contain questionable ingredients. I especially like the green sauce to flavor fish, burger, vegetables or pasta. They are not too spicy, but they are very tasty. A healthy discovery for the summer!

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  • Reply Darlene Monday October 31st, 2016 at 06:20 PM

    Yes, my hubby likes them very much but Costco is not caring them anymore and I can’t locate them online to purchase! So bummed!

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