Summer getaway in old orchard

February 14, 2013

A summer in Old Orchard, because a week is never long enough …

Old Orchard is a summer destination for many quebecer for three, even four generations.


Located in the state of Maine in the United States, Old Orchard offers a beautiful sandy beach of 7 miles long, which is well worth the 5-6 hour drive to get there.

It is ideal for long walks, read a book, swim a little, cycling, visiting nearby cities, including Portland and Kennebunkport, which offer excellent restaurants and museums.

And Old Orchard, for me, is to eat fresh lobster every day! With garlic butter, sprinkled with lemon juice, lobster roll for lunch or Thermidor for diner.

You can buy it live or cooked at Bayley’s, a seafood dealers replenished every day by fishing boats.

For more information about Old Orchard, visit


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